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Adam's answering machine

Oct 17, 2000

Hey, little boy. Figured I should say hi... I just Woke Up (yeah yeah yeah, 30 years without saying hi...).

You slept for 30 years? That must have been some hangover.

Ash says hi and wants to know when you, Duncan and Connor can come by her place for a little fun (she has the frosting all ready to go).

Is it blue frosting?

And thanks for staying with me while Ash went took the Crash and Burn to 'Nam... did you know she met Joe Dawson there? Typical mortal meets Ash deal.

You mean Ash to Ash, dust to dust?

It's been going on like that since before the Immortal war... and certainly since before Pompeii. (Not my fault! If you and Ash hadn't accidently killed one of the Sirens in that temple, the magic to create the eruption to keep you two from killing each other wouldn't have been so violent.. but add in a Quickening....)

Pompeii? You're mistaking me for someone else. I wasn't there! I heard the weather reports and left town early.

I heard about some of your quotes, dearie. Can you please at least mention which ones you took from me? I'm used to you using my pick-up lines (and yes, i know what you keep up your sleeve),

My arm?

but really... the line about how mortals only have so much time? And the one about killing and Cassandra... that was Ash's right there.

It was hardly original when Ash said it. Lots of people use the words "killing" and "Cassandra" in the same sentence. Those who have met her, in particular.

I'll see you soon, I hope. You stay away too long, little brother. You left a pair of your boxers on Ash's lamp last time.... The next guy to come through was wondering....

Don't worry. It won't happen again. I'm done with boxers. And briefs too, come to that.

Love and cuddles, Ash's sister.

Emily Brock's newest incarnation

Oct 22, 2000

Awesome site. I have it bookmarked. And feel free to ridicule this as much as you like! I don't care!


Um, your mother wears combat boots. How's that?

Nov 18, 2000

Where is the honor in this? Susaku is not amused. You shouldn't waste your life with these dishonorable activities. You should do things that would bring honor and respect to your family. This website brings disgrace to your family, ancestors, and anyone who views it. You should have much shame. The only way to redeem your honor is to cleanse yourself by your blade. What would your ancestors think of this? Respectfully Yours, Lord Susaku: the night sparrow of the Toda ninja tribe

Susaku the night sparrow

Perhaps you should stop cleansing yourself with so much saki.

Nov 24, 2000

I am not pleased! A thousand curses Methos-san! How do you work this thing?

Susaku the Night Sparrow

Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

And the award for Ego-Boosting Post of the Month goes to:

Jan 3, 2001

I never saw what all the fuss was about over MacLeod. But Methos, GOD, now there is a major hunk. How could any girl resist the charms of a man who has lived five thousand years and still manages to be one of the sexiest men alive?


Hey, MacLeod! Have you read this?

Jan 16, 2001

Funny... we have the same last name... We should get together and forni... uh, mastu... no,wait... conversate. Yeah that's what I meant.


How about we masticate? You can pick the restaurant...

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