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"Who the hell is Chubby Checker in the grand scheme of things?"
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Who cares about Chubby Checker? Queen is the best! If you have a sound card and speakers, here's the list of Queen MIDI files. To download them, simply go to the song link you want and click on the RIGHT mouse button. If you're multimedia-deprived, go play a Queen album on your stereo. Now.

Mac, stop wielding that paintbrush threateningly. Here's an opera for you: Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) by Richard Wagner. (Now what makes you think I'm teasing you about Ingrid?)



Mild-mannered Watcher

Somebody to Love (To the woman — who shall go nameless — who asked... The answer is no, the lyrics "Can anybody find me somebody to love?" was not meant as an invitation to volunteer!)

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One Vision (Also from A Kind of Magic, the Highlander movie soundtrack.)


Fat Bottomed Girls

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I Can't Live with You




Seven Seas of Rhye

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