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Banners must be related (however vaguely) to Highlander: The Series or any of the show's actors, production staff, spinoffs (e.g. Raven, the novels), etc. Banners may link to commercial or fan websites, or they may be "just for fun" (i.e. completely made up, advertising fictional things).

Banners must be a GIF image 468 x 60 pixels or smaller and the file must not be larger than 12K. (JPEGs are acceptable but they will be converted to a GIFs.) Send the banner along with the URL link (if applicable) to AdamMethos@aol.com.

Submit a link

Website links must meet the same Highlander-related criteria as banners.

In addition, the website must have some original content. I've spent too many hours surfing through webrings only to come upon page after page with the same old pictures or information. Hopefully, this will save others from sharing the same fate!

Links can be submitted using the form below.

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