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Mi casa es su casa

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Language lessons

"Mi casa es su casa"

Feeling linguistically deprived? Here's how to say this popular phrase in many popular world languages. If you can contribute more languages, send your additions or corrections to me at

Afrikaans: My huis is jou huis (literal translation) or Maak jouself tuis (make yourself at home).

Arabic (Egyptian): Beeti Betak (phonetic pronunciation).

Bulgarian: Moiat dom e i tvoi dom.

Dutch: Mijn huis is jouw huis (literal translation). Doe of je thuis bent (literally, "Make yourself at home," this is what Dutch people are more likely to use).

English: My home is your home.

Filipino: Ang bahay ko ay bahay mo or Bahay ko, bahay mo. Both of these also work in Tagalog, another language of the Philippines.

Filipino Gayspeak: Balay kech, balay mesh.

Finnish: Minun taloni on sinun talosi or Minun kotini on sinun kotisi.

French: Ma maison est votre maison.

Gaelic (Irish): Ta mo teach do teach.

German: Mein Haus ist auch Dein Haus.

Greek: To spiti mou spiti sou or To diko mou spiti einai kai diko sou spiti.

Hebrew (to a female): HaBiat Sheli, zeh habiat shelach or Baytee Baytaych (transliteration).

Hebrew (to a male): HaBiat Sheli, zeh habiat shelcha or Baytee baytecha (transliteration).

Ilocano (northern Philippines): Daytoy balay ko ket balay mo met.

Irish: Ca bhfuil an leithreas, ma se do thoil e?

Italian: La mia casa è la vostra casa.

Japanese (female speaker): Watashi no ie wa anata no ie desu.

Japanese (male speaker): Boku no ie wa anata no ie desu.

Hungarian: Az én házam a te házad.

Latin: Mea casa tea casa est.

Lithuanian: Mano namai yra tavo namai or Jauskis kaip namie.

Portuguese: A minha casa é a sua casa.

Russian: Moi dom, tvoi dom.

Spanish: Mi casa es su casa.

Swedish: Mitt hem är ditt hem.

Ukrainian: Maya khata, tvoya khata.

Welsh: Fy nghartref yw dy gartref. VERY approximate pronunciation: "Vuhn-hahrtre yoo duh gahrtre" with the "r" trilled as in Spanish or Italian.

Compiled by ROG listmembers: Sharon, Tiffany, Fionabair, Helen, Barb, Cassidy, Rachel, Dvorah, Maya, Rie, Stark, Beth, Raven and Dianne. Additions and corrections: Anita, Matilda Andersson, Ana Carolina, Diana, Erique, Evelina, Nidia Farias, Kata Kovács, Lynette Kotze, Lucy, Astor Salvador, Selene, Templar.

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