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Methos party posters

MediaWest is held every Memorial Day in Lansing, Michigan. The con has no celebrity guests, but instead celebrates fan creativity — fan fiction and art, music videos, costumes and more.

Lorna B. hosted a "Methos and all things Peter Wingfield" party on Friday evening at MediaWest. To advertise the party, she created several posters with hilarious photo-captions — so hilarious that it would be a shame if they were never seen again...

mw99-Del-Altered.jpg (7514 bytes)

Methos registers shock as he realizes the judges have given him a score of only 1.5 in the All-Europe Sprawl Competition.

mw99-TD2.jpg (16430 bytes)

"First, no party for me at last year's MediaWest, and now Joe has only Zima on tap. I... I don't think I can go on..."
(screen capture by Pookah)

MW99-F.JPG (12226 bytes)

"If you don't attend my party, you'll be a pain in the arse... and you know what happens to pains in the arse."
(screen capture by Methosluvr)

MW99-N.JPG (14910 bytes)

"I hate these unorthodox methods of smuggling swords overseas. They pass customs all right, but retrieval is hell!"
(screen capture by Methosluvr)

revel05s.jpg (19437 bytes)

Woad war paint. Snazzy. Elegant. Unforgettable. But what every red-blooded fan wants to know is — how low does it go?! (The answer was found at the party...)
(screen capture by Pookah)

MW99-1.JPG (7312 bytes)MW99-2.JPG (7015 bytes)

This is Methos before the party. This is Methos after the party. Any questions?
(screen captures by Methosluvr)

chivalry17.jpg (13074 bytes)

"All right, ye daft old bugger! I'll go to yer damned party!"

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