"We live violent lives, MacLeod. Some of that's bound to stay with us."

Chronicle Extras

Excerpt from "Comes a Horseman" script
Cut scene from "Revelation 6:8" — find out how Methos left the Horsemen
Interview with Josepha Sherman, author of The Captive Soul, at Ad Astra con in June 1998.
Excerpt from an earlier version of the Endgame script.

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I've walked too long in this lonely lane
I've had enough of this same old game
I'm a man of the world and they say that I'm strong
But my heart is heavy, and my hope is gone
Out in the city, in the cold world outside
I don't want pity, just a safe place to hide
Mother Love

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Behind the scenes

Excerpt of Methos' scene from World Without End, an earlier version of the Endgame script.

[Duncan approaches Methos at a large villa in France.]

Methos: Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Duncan: Hello, Methos.

Methos: What brings you to my humble abode?

Duncan: Oh, I need your help.

Methos: Why me?

Duncan: You've been around for over 5000 years. I want the benefit of your experience.

Methos: And I thought it was a social call.

Duncan: You ever had nightmares?

Methos: What kind of nightmares?

Duncan: Bloody images. Powerful enough to even break your meditation.

Methos: We live violent lives, MacLeod. Some of that's bound to stay with us.

Duncan: These ones [?] to the day that Connor MacLeod disappeared.

Methos: Connor had good reason for going. He told me how much Rachel meant to him.

Duncan: There's more to it than that. I was with him that day, the day Rachel was killed. Something wasn't right.

[Flashback to Connor and Duncan in New York City, 1992.]

Duncan: Connor, are you okay?

Connor: Yeah, I'm okay. Really.

Duncan: I know you better than that, Connor. I've never seen you like this.

Connor: People change, Duncan. You'll learn that.

[Back to the present.]

Duncan: I need to know if he's still alive, Methos.

Methos: You know a little about Buddhist monks. Some of them come to cherish life so much that to step on a single insect or harm a blade of grass becomes a violation of their creed. So they place themselves in an extreme form of protective custody. A sanctuary of sorts. Well, for an Immortal who comes to abhor the bloodshed, there's a similar solution. A way to be removed from the Game forever. The price is unimaginabley high, but you are, for all practical purposes, protected from the violence within you. And it's called The Sanctuary.

Duncan: Connor would never do that.

Methos: Are you sure? It's been around since before you were born. At least until last night.

Duncan: What happened last night?

Methos: It was annihilated.

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[Joe rescues Duncan from the Sanctuary and they pile into waiting car outside. Methos is behind the wheel.]

Duncan: What are you doing here?

Joe: Keeping tabs on you.

Duncan: Yeah? Well, someone should keep tabs on that psychotic asshole back there.

Methos: Didn't you get it back in London? These guys don't play by the rules.

Joe: You don't know what you're up against, Mac.

Duncan: So people keep telling me. Stop the car.

[Methos gives Duncan his katana.]

Methos: I managed to liberate that from the lost and found.

Duncan: There's blood on it.

Methos: I didn't say it was easy.

Duncan: Pull over.

Methos: What?

Duncan: Pull. Over.

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[Joe and Methos follow Duncan out the car.]

Joe: MacLeod, tell me something.

Methos: Mac, hear him out!

Joe: Mac, will you tell me something? Now, how many Quickenings have you had? How many heads have you taken?

Duncan: I don't keep score.

Joe: Well, we do.

[Joe opens up his computer and pulls up the Watchers database.]

Computer: MacLeod, Connor.

Duncan: What's that?

Methos: The Watchers' version of a resume.

Computer: Two hundred and sixty-two confirmed Immortal kills. Two hundred and sixty-two confirmed Immortal kills.

Joe: It's a bit like handicap [?]. It's part of a gig, all right?

Computer: MacLeod, Duncan. One hundred and seventy-four confirmed Immortal kills. One hundred and seventy-four confirmed Immortal kills.

Joe: Sound about right?

Duncan: So what's your point?

Joe: Here's the gentleman you met in Connor's loft.

Computer: Kell, Jacob. Six hundred and sixty-one confirmed Immortal kills. Six hundred and sixty-one confirmed Immortal kills.

Joe: Welcome to your worst nightmare. The Sanctuary wasn't shit, pal. This guy is way out of your league.

Duncan: [pause] I want to see Connor MacLeod's body.

Joe: Why?

Duncan: Something doesn't make sense. [Gets back in the car.]

Joe: What are you saying?

Methos: He's saying he wants to see the body.

Joe: Well, it's going to be a rough ID. They're all missing their heads.

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[The car pulls up in front of a cemetary in Connecticut and they get out.]

Joe: We gave him a Christian burial, MacLeod. It was decent, you know. Said all the right words.

Duncan: [sarcastic] I can't begin to tell you how reassuring that is.

Joe: With all these unexplained corpses, well, you got to take it off the beaten track.

Duncan: End of the road, Joe. Thanks.

Joe: You watch your ass, MacLeod.

Duncan: It's not my ass I'm worried about.

Methos: Did I happen to mention about all this coming to a bad end?

Duncan: No, Methos. I don't believe you did. [Goes into the cemetary.]

Methos: [smiles at Joe] You were going to stay and dig?

Joe: Dig? [grins] Oh yeah!

Well, the scriptwriter intended it to be France... but somewhere along the way a line got changed and Methos later refers to it as London. The scene was actually shot in Romania.

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