Comes a Horseman
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Excerpt from "Comes a Horseman" script
Cut scene from "Revelation 6:8" — find out how Methos left the Horsemen
Interview with Josepha Sherman, author of The Captive Soul, at Ad Astra con in June 1998.
Excerpt from an earlier version of the Endgame script.

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Would Methos have killed Cassandra if he could get away with it (i.e. without Duncan finding out)? Here's a script excerpt from the scene in "Horseman" before Methos dumps Cassandra over the bridge.

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As Cassandra races through the building. Kronos is somewhere far behind her. Then she feels a BUZZ. She turns — and comes face to face with METHOS.


She dives at him, ready to take him with her bare hands. Methos takes a hit on the shoulder, then side-steps — cold-cocks her with his sword-pommel. Cassandra goes down, out cold. Methos looks at her unconscious form for a BEAT, the sword in his hand. One easy swing is all it would take, and she's out of his life, forever.

He hesitates a BEAT — he looks up as he gets the BUZZ...

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