Revelation 6:8
"I have been many things."

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Excerpt from "Comes a Horseman" script
Cut scene from "Revelation 6:8" — find out how Methos left the Horsemen
Interview with Josepha Sherman, author of The Captive Soul, at Ad Astra con in June 1998.
Excerpt from an earlier version of the Endgame script.

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Behind the scenes

The following excerpts are from the flashback that Methos relates to Duncan in the Elysium church:

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A few pavilions on bluffs by the sea.

The Four Horsemen ride in, fresh from battle, blood on their swords and on their leather armor. They've brought booty back to their camp with them, including a few frightened captive women.

Silas and Caspian, flushed with the charge of battle, strip off masks and armor and wash off the day's dust and gore in a small stream. Kronos looks on, the proud leader. He turns to Methos.

Kronos: Another day well spent. Come, let's celebrate. (With a grin, Kronos looks over at the cowering captive women.) And devide our bounty.

Methos: You can have my share. I'm tired.

Methos nods good night, then turns and heads for his pavilion. Kronos looks after him thoughtfully.

INSIDE the Pavilion.

Methos enters tiredly. Cassandra rises from the shadows and comes to him. It's a different Cassandra than we have seen in the other flashbacks. She is calm, submissive, dressed seductively. She carries a brass goblet. He takes it from her and takes a deep swallow.

Methos: (re the wine) It's good.

Cassandra: I cooled it in the river. (She takes his cloak and his sword, puts them aside, then reaches to unbuckle his leather armor.) You rode far.

He sighs tiredly as the armor comes off.

Methos: Yes.

He settles back on the cushions as Cassandra gently washes off the mud and blood of the field, anointing his body with exotic oils.

He draws her closer and begins to carress her gently. As he starts to remove her gown—

The flap of the tent is flung open. Kronos steps into the tent.

Cassandra hastily pulls her robe closed, flushing under Kronos' hungry stare. With a smile, Kronos turns to Methos.

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Cassandra retreats behind Methos, expecting him to defend her, to refuse Kronos' demand.

Cassandra: Methos... send him away.

Kronos laughs and moves closer.

Kronos: You've left some spirit in her, Methos. I like that... After I finish, maybe I'll let Caspian have her.

Kronos reaches and grabs Cassandra and pulls her from behind Methos. Methos doesn't help or hinder Kronos, but merely steps aside and lets him take hold of Cassandra.

Cassandra: (in shock and terror) Methos!

No reaction.

Cassandra screams and struggles as Kronos drags her out of the tent. Her face is washed with terror and betrayal.

HOLD ON Methos as he stares after them for a beat, face unreadable. Then, he takes a piece of fruit, and rolls it over in his hand—

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The following scenes were scripted and filmed, but didn't make the final cut of "Revelation 6:8." Peter Wingfield has suggested (with much dread!) that the flasback might be included in a special compilation video of "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8" that is being put together.

These scenes occured towards the end of the episode when Methos and Kronos are looking down at Cassandra's cage. The submarine base is referred to as a "chateau" since Kronos' hideout was originally supposed to be a castle by the sea. However, when Highlander location scouts found an abandoned submarine base, a decision was quickly made to change the script!

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Kronos: You can't out-think me, Methos, and you can't out-fight me. And you sure as hell can't kill me.

Methos: [murmurs] You think so.

Kronos: You had your shot and you couldn't take it.

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Flashback to Ancient Greece. Methos looks at a dead Greek as Kronos rifles through the body of another.

Kronos: Methos the scholar? That's a good one, brother.

Methos: I'm serious. It's what I want to do. Study and learn.

Kronos: What for? What have you got to learn?

Methos: Most everything, it seems. About the world. About myself. About who we are.

Kronos: I can tell you who we are.

Methos: Can you?

Kronos: I'm Kronos. I always have been, and I always will be. And you're just like me. We are who we are, and that's more than enough.

Methos: Not for me. Those who don't learn from their mistakes, repeat them.

Kronos: We don't make mistakes. We make history. Pour me another drink and have one yourself. You're getting too damned serious for your own good. You're turning into a Greek.

Methos pours Kronos more wine and, in a life-defining moment, slips in some poison from a ring.

Methos: Thank you.

Methos hands him his wine. Kronos drains it.

Kronos: Just don't forget what you really are.

Methos: I never forget what I am. The more I learn, the more aware I become.

Methos stands.

Kronos: Where do you think you are going?

Methos: That's what I've been trying to tell you. I'm finished riding with you.

Kronos: The hell you are! Sit down!

Methos doesn't.

Kronos: Don't make me say it again.

Methos: You don't need me.

Kronos: There are four Horsemen. There always will be.

Methos: Find another to take my place.

Kronos: Impossible. We are four brothers. The blood we spill binds us; only blood can separate us.

Methos doesn't move.

Kronos: Don't you understand, Methos? The only way to leave the Horsemen... is by leaving your head.

Methos shakes his head sadly.

Methos: I was afraid you might see it that way.

Kronos stands and draws his sword, making ready to force Methos into a fight. Methos draws his sword, steps back.

Kronos: Fight me, and don't think you'll live to learn anything from it.

Kronos steps forward. He wavers on his feet, vision blurring, swordarm dropping.

Kronos: The wine...

Methos: A little something I came across in my studies. That potion would kill most people. It will stop even you.

Kronos croaks. Methos considers taking his head.

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Still Ancient Greece. Methos is pounding in the hinges on the grate that covers the well from which we saw Kronos escaping at the beginning of the previous episode. [Obviously another cut scene, this time from "Comes a Horseman."]

Kronos: Traitor! Coward! Fight me!

Methos: Why would I do that? I've already beaten you.

Kronos: The hell you have! Your head is mine! Your life is mine!

Methos makes no answer, just slams the massive bolt home.

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The massive, ancient, rusted bolt that held Kronos in his prison. He tossess the bolt onto the table in front of Methos.

Kronos: So you had your thousand years of study, while I had a thousand years of crusts of bread flung to me by the priests you left.

Kronos' tone is pleasant, but the undercurrent is dangerous.

Kronos: I wonder what your friend MacLeod thinks of you now?

According to Marcus Testory (Caspian), more episodes featuring the Four Horsemen were planned, but they were nixed as they would be too expensive to film!

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