Comes a Horseman
"We're none of us perfect."

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Excerpt from "Comes a Horseman" script
Cut scene from "Revelation 6:8" — find out how Methos left the Horsemen
Interview with Josepha Sherman, author of The Captive Soul, at Ad Astra con in June 1998.
Excerpt from an earlier version of the Endgame script.

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Behind the scenes

Excerpt from the "Comes a Horseman" script.

[Outside the "Wheel of Time" TV studio.]

Duncan: I can't believe you did that.

Methos: Oh, come on, MacLeod. The guy gave me a ticket. It was a selfless act in the interests of historical accuracy.

Duncan: Oh yeah, an oversized ego would have nothing to do with it.

[Spectators congratulate Methos.]

Methos: I think they love me.

Duncan: They'd love a hammerhead shark if he had a nice smile.

Methos: They've asked me back next week. What'd you think?

Duncan: One word.

Methos: Okay.

Duncan: Animal, four legs, carries heavy weights.

Methos: Donkey.

Duncan: No, no, no, no, try three letters.

Methos: Three letters. That would be...

Duncan: Someone could have recognized you.

Methos: No, I don't think so. Besides, I didn't go through the final.

Duncan: That's because you lost. Tom Jones didn't popularize the twist.

Methos: So I'm a little weak on pop culture.

Duncan: [unconvinced] Uh huh.

Methos: Well, who the hell is Chubby Checker in the grand scheme of things anyway? I mean, I know how tall Nero was. I know Caesar's favorite food. I know Helen of Troy didn't have that great a face, and it only launched a hundred ships, not a thousand—

Duncan: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Methos: Fine.


Methos: You expecting anyone?

Duncan: Maybe it's one of your fan club.

Methos: Okay, there's another way back. It's a bit longer but I prefer the view.

Duncan: Yeah, send me a postcard.

Methos: You're not coming?

Duncan: No. I like to know who's around.

Methos: Listen, I may not know who Chubby Checker is, but I know when it's time to disappear.

Duncan: Yeah.

Methos: Good luck.

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[Methos leaves a building and feels a buzz.]

Methos: MacLeod? Is that you?

[Kronos throws a knife in Methos' heart.]

Kronos: Greetings, brother.

Methos: [choking] Kronos.

Kronos: I missed you too.

[Methos sinks to the ground, dead.]

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What does Methos think of Kronos? According to Peter Wingfield, Methos thinks he's scary, but he has a lot of respect for him and admires his total commitment to a cause.
What does Kronos think of Methos? According to the actor who plays him, Valentine Pelka, Methos and Kronos were equals. Methos has intellect but his intellect makes him doubt whereas Kronos doesn't suffer from self-doubt.

[At Krono's hideout, an abandoned power station. Methos wakes.]

Kronos: It's been a long time. How are you feeling?

Methos: [coughing] Like I left my heart in San Francisco.

Kronos: I didn't know you had a heart. Does it hurt?

Methos: [pissed] What do you think?

Kronos: Since you ask, I think you're not used to pain, brother. What's happened? You got soft?

Methos: I just passed through my angry adolescence a little quicker than you, Kronos.

Kronos: For a long time I thought you were dead. I didn't even bother looking for you. Then I heard rumors: Methos, the world's oldest man. You slipped up there, old friend. You got sloppy.

Methos: Well, we're none of us perfect.

Kronos: I shouldn't be surprised you're still alive. You were always the one I counted on. You weren't the strongest or the toughest, but you were the survivor. It's what you do best. Or did.

Methos: So you've come to kill me.

Kronos: [chuckles] It's what I do best! But you do have a choice.

Methos: Oh, I'm all for choices.

Kronos: Well, you can either lose your head, or you can join me.

Methos: [smile] Well, since you put it that way, welcome back, brother.

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[At the dojo.]

Duncan: Methos.

Methos: I was worried about you, MacLeod. Glad you made it.

Duncan: Yeah, me too.

Methos: Something unexpected has come up.

Duncan: Yeah, tell me about it. Listen, have you ever heard of an Immortal named Kronos?

Methos: [gulp] Kronos?

Duncan: Yeah.

Krono's chain rattling in this scene was an ad lib from Valentine Pelka. He said with a grin, "They were just lying around and I was just tiding up."

[Buzz. Cassandra enters.]

Cassandra: [to Methos] You?!

Methos: Who's this?

[Cassandra draws her sword.]

Cassandra: Draw your sword.

Methos: MacLeod, who is she?

Duncan: Cassandra, what are you doing?

Cassandra: Stay out of this, MacLeod.

Methos: You don't know me.

Cassandra: Do you think I could ever forget you?

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[Flashback: Bronze Age, Horsemen's camp.]

Methos: Surprise, you're not dead. Your kind is hard to kill.

[Cassandra tries to stab him. He grabs her.]

Methos: You'll have to try harder than that.

Cassandra: Where are they? Hijad. My people. Take me to them.

Methos: You wanna see them?

Cassandra: Yes.

Methos: There they are. [Points to skinned skulls.]

Cassandra: You killed them? All of them?

Methos: Including you. [Indicates her torn shirt.]

Cassandra: The wound, it's gone. I should be dead.

Methos: You live because I wish it. And you stay alive as long as you please me.

[Cassandra slaps him when he brushes her hair back.]

Methos: That did not please me. I am Methos. You live to serve me. Never forget that. [Slaps her thigh like she's a piece of meat.]

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[Flashback continued: Horsemen's camp.]

Silas: It's mine! It belongs to me!

Caspian: It belongs to whoever can take it.

Silas: I saw it first.

Caspian: I fought as well as you. I killed more people.

Silas: Women and children don't count.

Caspian: I'll kill you just as well.

Methos: Lay it down, Caspian!

Caspian: Why should I?

[Methos holds sword to Caspian's neck.]

Methos: Because if you do not, I will kill you. Trust me, if I have to lose one, it will be you.

[Kronos approaches.]

Silas: Kronos.

Kronos: Problems?

Methos: Not anymore.

Kronos: Well, there's one way to make sure. Lift it.

[Silas and Caspian hold up the sheet. Kronos slices it in half with his sword.]

Kronos: We share everything.

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[Flashback continued: Horsemen's camp. Methos catches Cassandra trying to escape.]

Methos: You died once today. Did you enjoy that? Well, learn this lesson well: I will kill you as many times as it takes to tame you.

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[At the dojo.]

Methos: This is crazy. It wasn't me, MacLeod. Do something.

Cassandra: This is between you and me, Methos.

[Duncan grabs Cassandra.]

Duncan: Get out of here. Now!

Cassandra: Let go of me! Let go of me!

Duncan: Go!

[Methos runs away.]

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[Kronos' hideout.]

Kronos: So. You're back.

Methos: [nervous smile] What do you think I'd do? Run and hide? Go somewhere you couldn't find me?

Kronos: No, you're too smart for that. You know that I'd track you down, no matter how long it took, and I'd kill you.

Methos: Well, it's nice to feel wanted.

Kronos: Not want!

[Methos jumps.]

Kronos: Need. A dozen times I tried to take up the old ways. I failed. The others I rode with were trash. Scum. I had no one to plan my raids, no one who understood the true use of terror. You are one of a kind, Methos. As we all were. There was never a band like us. Never in all history.

Methos: You took a risk letting me out of your sight earlier on today. [Takes sword out.]

Kronos: A lot of time has passed since we rode together. I had to be sure of you.

[Methos swings at Kronos, but Kronos puts a knife to his throat first. Methos lets go of the sword and steps back.]

Kronos: And now I am.

Methos: Don't you understand?! I'm not like that anymore. I've changed.

Kronos: No, you pretended to. Maybe you even convinced yourself you had. But inside you're still there, Methos. You're like me.

Methos: Not anymore.

Kronos: No? Tell me you haven't missed it.

Methos: The killing?!

Kronos: The freedom! The power! Riding out of the sun knowing that you're the most terrifying thing that they've ever seen. Knowing that their weapons and their gods are useless against you. That you're the last thing they'll ever see. That's what you were meant to be, Methos. Don't fight it. Feel it. I'm going to do you a favor. You know Cassandra's here.

Methos: We didn't exactly exchange gifts.

Kronos: Then you know that she'll kill you if she gets the chance.

[Methos nods.]

Kronos: You never could bring yourself to take her head, could you? So I'm going to do it for you.

Methos: And in return?

Kronos: You kill Duncan MacLeod.

Methos: But he's my friend. He's nothing to you. Why?

Kronos: Why?! Because he's your friend. Because you still have to prove yourself. And because YOU OWE ME! [Takes out a knife, cuts his hand, then gives the knife to Methos.] Now swear, swear you will kill MacLeod.

[Methos slices his palm and puts it against Kronos'.]

Methos: I swear.

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[Outside. Methos is tossing luggage into his 4x4's trunk. Right-click on the following link and select "Save As" to download a 783 KB zipped WAV file of this scene.]

Duncan: Going somewhere?

Methos: You shouldn't be here.

Duncan: Where are you running from? The question or the answer?

Methos: There is no answer, MacLeod. Let it be.

Duncan: Is what she said true?

Methos: I'm outta here.

Duncan: No, you're not. You're not outta here. Is what she said true?

Methos: [pause] The times were different, MacLeod. I was different. The whole bloody world was different, okay?

Duncan: [pause] Did you kill all those people?

Methos: Yes. Is that what you wanna hear? Killing was all I knew. Is that what you want to hear?

Duncan: That's enough.

[Methos throws Duncan against the 4x4.]

Methos: No, it's not enough! I killed. But I didn't just kill fifty, I didn't kill a hundred. I killed a thousand. I killed ten thousand. And I was good at it. And it wasn't for vengeance. It wasn't for greed. It was because — I liked it. [giggle] Cassandra was nothing. Her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death.

[Methos laughs. Duncan throws him against the 4x4.]

Methos: Death — Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is that what you want to hear? The answer is yes, oh yes.

Duncan: We're through.

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One of the very early ideas for this episode had Methos enslaving someone like Celtic warrior Ceirdwyn from "Take Back the Night." The writers later decided to go further back in history with someone much older.


Kronos: Why did you stop the fight? You saved MacLeod.

Methos: It could have gone either way. I couldn't take the chance.

Kronos: Are you afraid of me losing, or him? Have I been wrong about you? Hm? Maybe I should kill you right now and make absolutely sure.

Methos: If you do that, you'll never have the Four Horsemen.

Kronos: What are you saying?

Methos: Silas and Caspian are alive.

Kronos: You're lying.

Methos: I can take you to them.

Kronos: Then you live. The Four Horsemen ride again.

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Additions and corrections: Cary Spratt.
The big jagged-blade sword Kronos uses was created by Highlander swordmaster F. Braun McAsh especially for this episode. Valentine Pelka says that it was larger than what a man his size would normally use, but it was supposed to be extra menacing.

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