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Songs for an Immortal
By Sharon L /

One of the things spawned by "Comes a Horseman" is fannish speculation on whether the Bronze Age Methos lived in the time of Xena, Warrior Princess, and whether they could have met. (Between the Old Testament, the Trojan War, Julius Caesar and Boudicca, I doubt anyone really knows when Xena is supposed to take place!) Fans being fans, Xena/Methos crossovers have already been written. Recently, on the Peter Wingfield Fan Club mailing list, someone mentioned Joxer, Xena's bumbling sidekick. He may be an idiot, but he has his own theme song. So with that in mind... if it's good enough for Joxer...

Here are some Methos ditties, set to the tune of the Joxer theme song:


Methos the Horseman
Roams through the wasteland
In a rape-and-pillage gang
With Kronos as the chief bad-ass
And Caspian and Silas
Innocents on their last breath
Hear him boast that he is Death
He's Methos, he's Methos the Horseman


Adam the Watcher
Immortal on the inside
Looking for a place to hide
Duncan MacLeod is his pal
And Alexa is his gal
Drinking lots of beer at Joe's
Seeking the Methusaleh Stone
He's Adam, he's Adam the Watcher

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