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Songs for an Immortal
By Sharon L /

It had to happen. After listening over and over to the soundtrack for Bernard J. Taylor's musical Much Ado (inspired by the Kenneth Brannagh film, which was based on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing), the lyrics to one of the songs started to... well... change.

And so here's the debut of Comes a Horseman: The Musical, set to the tune of How Can This Be? (This MIDI does no justice to the original, but will make the lyrics easier to follow — while the text doesn't seem to scan by itself, it does when matched with the music which, I'm sure, will make it all the more amusing!)

You can't stop me, Mac
Kronos is back
He will not get away from me
I'll make sure he will lose his head this time you'll see

Who is this man?
Melvin Koren?
I lost him once, not this time
If he's here he will pay for all his crimes

If he's here you will stay out of it, I saw him first so he's mine

Oh, what a sight!
Look how they fight!
But I will kill the bitch instead
Dear brother, you will see to it MacLeod is dead

How can I end
My own best friend?
I've got to run, get away
Before Mac finds me, I can't face him yet

He can't run, he is a Horseman too, and I'll not cease till his death

How can it be true?
Methos is one immortal
Who never wants to fight. Mac, you can't be right!

Did you kill all those people?

Oh, yes, I did!
And not just ten
I killed ten thousand of them
'Cause I was Death
Upon a horse
A nightmare, even a curse

Now we're back, and with this virus here, the dread we cause will be worse

Silas & Caspian

The whole world, it will all be mine
MacLeod, you're beaten because I'm the end of time

Oh, what I see
Is history
Kronos' band is no more
As my sword swings his head on the floor lands

Silas too, as I die I can see he's felled by his brother's hand

I killed Silas
I liked Silas
How did this ever come to be?
I've betrayed everyone I know, they all hate me

Look at him weep
For sympathy
He will get none out of me
Why should I spare his head? Why should he live?

Stay your hand, he has changed, and for that, I will forgive

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