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3500 BCE - 0 CE
1 CE - 1994 CE
1995 CE - present
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1 CE - 1994 CE

The timeline contains events (and, needless to say, SPOILERS) from the following sources:

  • Highlander: The Series episodes
  • The Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM
  • The novels Scotland the Brave, Zealot and Captive Soul
  • The anthology An Evening at Joe's
  • The Methos Chronicles Flash animated series

BCE = Before Common Era (or BC)
CE = Common Era (or AD)

The original version of this Methos timeline was created by Fanomethos and can be found at the Methos Methos Methos web site. Thanks to Cindy Shettle for compiling the Watcher CD-ROM references.




c 1 CE

I leave the Four Horsemen for good this time...
(Revelation 6:8)

Baby-faced little psycho.
I was cruicified, and the world got mad, bad Caligula instead of Petronius.

c 1-100 CE

Rome - I was a connoisseur of the cooking of Marcus Gavius Apicius, early Rome's favorite cook. What he could do with lentils and chestnuts... mmm...
(Through a Glass Darkly)

c 34-35 CE

Rome - I was Remus, a slave — er, advisor — in the household of Roman Senator Valerius Petronius. We were trying to make Petronius the next emperor. Unfortunately, I said no to Petronius' wife, Druscilla the Emasculator, she cried rape, and I got nailed to a cross instead. That's the last time I got involved in politics... and the last time I got between a married couple.
(Zealot, Till Death)

38-68 CE

Rome - Knew how tall Nero, the Roman emperor, was.
(Comes a Horseman)

Or rather, how tall Nero WASN'T.

93 CE

Rome - Saw Christians facing the lions.
(Finale Part 2)

423 CE

Lutetia, France (Lutetia Parisiorium, meaning "mud huts," is the Roman name for what eventually became Paris) - Ahaziah of Romoth Gilead dies in front of a bunch of witnesses. The Watchers think Ahaziah is one of my aliases.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

476 CE

Roman Empire fell.

c 600-700 CE

Gaul - Holy and/or magic spring was lost until I take Duncan there in 1996.

765 CE

Crossed the Atlantic to Iceland in a rowboat with six Irish monks. No facilities. And they sang the whole time. Hated the water ever since.
(Till Death)

I don't know why MacLeod was upset. His was a fake.
Ming vases

960-1279 CE

China, Sung Dynasty - Golden age of ceramics, painting and Confucianism.

c 900-997 CE

The last time Kronos and I saw Silas before the Horsemen were reunited briefly in 1997.
(Revelation 6:8)

c 1000-1100 CE

The last time I felt guilt — I swear!
(Till Death)

c 1300-1650 CE

England & Europe - I listened to the screams of midwives being burned by women they had nursed through labor because they thought they were witches.
(Not to Be)

1368-1644 CE

China, Ming Dynasty - Ming vases were a dime a dozen.
(Till Death)

c 1450

Beginning of the Renaissance.



Germany - Majored in medicine and dueling at the University of Heidelberg.
(One Minute to Midnight)

Of course, Joe didn't ask whether I PASSED my medical courses...

21 Dec 1592

Scotland - Duncan MacLeod was born in Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel.
(Family Tree)


Bristol, England - Morgan Walker's sorry life begins.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)



Near Gibraltar - Morgan Walker's sorry life ends — for the first time — when he drowns in a storm off Gibraltar.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


c 1750

Beginning of the Industrial Revolution.



The last time I faced an Immortal in combat before meeting Duncan.



New Orleans, Louisana, US - Under the alias of Dr. Benjamin Adams, I administered to slaves, including the brother of a slave named Charlotte. Morgan Walker kills Charlotte for sleeping with me then hunts me down. He almost catches me twice, but I finally escape when I reach Charleston, North Carolina, and board the first ship out of the harbor.
(Indiscretions, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


June 1816

Switzerland - Partied and read poetry with Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft under the alias of Dr. Adams. I was Byron's first teacher. Byron's Watcher Dora Rossi speculates that I was a lover to both Mary and Byron. Byron kills Hans Kershner, the jealous husband of one of his conquests. Mary witnesses the Quickening and Byron's resurrection from a mortal wound. I tell her about Immortals and she uses this and a dream she had as the basis for her novel, Frankenstein.
(The Modern Prometheus, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


between 1816 and 1900

Arizona, US - As Ben Adams, I pull a scam with the McQuarrie brothers but that whore Veronica, who not only participated in the scam but swore she loved me, tips of Sheriff Willy Brunton. The next thing I know, he and his posse are hunting me down in the hopes of making me the guest of honor at a public lynching in the backwater mining town of Fraziers Well.
I finally escape by jumping over the rim of a canyon but still die. I'm found by Little Crow, 10-year-old Indian boy, who of course tells his father Crow's Feather and their tribe all about me. However, the dead coming back to life doesn't surprise them because they have legends of long-lived beings who can only be killed among lightning and fire. Fortunately for me, their stories also say that these beings are messengers of the Great Spirit and should be treated with honor.
("Postcards from Alexa: The Man with No Name"/Evening at Joe's)

He couldn't keep a gang together back then either.
Melvin Koren


Aqua Dulce, Texas, US - Duncan is a Texas Ranger chasing a killer named Melvin Koren (aka Kronos). Koren is "killed," but gets away from Duncan.
(Comes a Horseman)

c 1900

Flagstaff, Arizona, US - On another "adventure" in the wild west, I got on the wrong side of the law. The Sheriff's posse planned to hang me at dawn, but I was rescued by Sundance.
("Postcards from Alexa: Natural Wonders"/ Evening at Joe's)

Then I turned them in and collected the reward.

The Wild West

c 1900

US - Broke into a tough vault with Butch and Sundance.
(Methuselah's Gift)

c 1960-1985

Shared a stage with the Rolling Stones.

1965 - 3 July 1971

Byron takes on the alias of Jim Morrison.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

5 Oct 1968

Seacouver, Washington, US - Alexa Bond is born.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)



Joe joins the Watchers.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


31 Dec 1980

Donald Salzer is named "Watcher of the Year."
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)



Don becomes Head Researcher for the Western Europe Watchers.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)



Don recruits me to join the Watchers as a historian. I attend the Watcher Training Academy in Geneva, Switzerland with Garrett Crow and graduate 6th in my class (out of 103).
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM, "Postcards from Alexa: Natural Wonders"/Evening at Joe's)



I work as a historian in the Watchers.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)



Paris, France - I work as a researcher in the Watchers under my mentor Don (though sometimes I think Don wondered who was mentoring whom...).
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)



Paris, France - I'm given a Special Research Assignment to work on the Methos Chronicles. I become the Watchers' top Methos scholar.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM, Methos)


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