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1995 CE - present

The timeline contains events (and, needless to say, SPOILERS) from the following sources:

  • Highlander: The Series episodes
  • The Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM
  • The novels Scotland the Brave, Zealot and Captive Soul
  • The anthology An Evening at Joe's
  • The Methos Chronicles Flash animated series

BCE = Before Common Era (or BC)
CE = Common Era (or AD)

The original version of this Methos timeline was created by Fanomethos and can be found at the Methos Methos Methos web site. Thanks to Cindy Shettle for compiling the Watcher CD-ROM references.




Feb 1995

Alexa is diagnosed with an inoperative cancer. She quits college three credits shy of getting her teaching credentials to become a part-time waitress at Joe's Bar in order to accommodate her treatments.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


25 Feb 1995

The Watchers issue a bulletin requesting all field agents to be on active alert for Kalas.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


6 March 1995

Paris, France - I introduce myself to Duncan MacLeod after finding out that Kalas killed my friend, Watcher Donald Salzer.

Jilly and I


According to one of Duncan's hallucinations, I fall in love with a Watcher named Jillian O'Hara and tell her of my immortality soon after.
(Not to Be, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

29 May 1995

Paris, France - Kalas kills Don's wife Christine and gets a hold of the Watcher database that Don and I were working on. Kalas threatens to expose Immortals to the world.
(Finale Part 2, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Joe and I

3 June 1995

Paris, France - Duncan beheads Kalas atop the Eiffel Tower.
(Finale Part 2, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

5 June 1995

Watcher Martin Matthews is added to the Hall of Martyrs for his death at Kalas' hands after following him back to his hideout. The Watcher policy manual is updated on the proper use of cellular phones in the field.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Taking Kristin's quickening

25 Oct 1995

Seacouver, Washington, US - As Adam Pierson, I send Kristin Gilles' Watcher, Veronique Millet, away to watch Richie's house, on the pretense that Kristen might show up there. Then I kill Kristin. The Watchers think Duncan or Richie killed her.
(Chivalry, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Nov 1995

Seacouver, Washington, US - Joe throws a farewell party for Alexa. Two of his bartenders, Mike and Lou, give her a satin negligee as a going-away present.
("Postcards from Alexa: Natural Wonders"/ Evening at Joe's)


3 Nov 1995

Seacouver, Washington, US - Alexa and I begin our tour of the world. I want to start our trip with a sunrise at the Grand Canyon (which I've visited a dozen times over the years). After that we'll head to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, go up the Atlantic Coast to Washington, take in a little piece of West Virginia, collect our passports in New York then fly off to see the wonders of Egypt. At least that was the plan. The very first day a rainstorm strands us overnight in the Coronet Hotel, so no Grand Canyon sunrise. However, it's not a total disaster as that night Alexa and I make love for the first time.
(Timeless, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM, "Postcards from Alexa: World Enough and Time"/Evening at Joe's)

Alexa and I

4 Nov 1995

Grand Canyon, US - We make it to the main gate of the Grand Canyon only to be turned away by the Arizona State Police. Unbelievably, the Canyon is closed because of a governmental shutdown! Instead, we check in early at the Crow Canyon Bed & Breakfast in Flagstaff, Arizona. I know the bed and breakfast owner, Mary Crow, through her son Garrett, with whom I went to school 10 years ago.
I had asked Mary to prepare the perfect marriage bed for us — a candlelit suite with a bed full of roses — and that afternoon we are married, not in the modern, legal way, but with a gold and gemstone necklace for Alexa, an anointing of her body with Frankincense and, finally, the ancient uniting of our bodies.
Afterwards, with single-minded determination, I head to town to prepare a surprise for Alexa, not knowing how hurt she would be when she woke up and found me gone. Mary gives Alexa a smoky-red quartz figurine — her contribution to the hope chest — while she waits for my return.
("Postcards from Alexa: Natural Wonders"/ Evening at Joe's)


5 Nov 1995

Flagstaff, Arizona, US - I return to the bed and breakfast just after midnight with newly bought stuffed backpacks. It's not like the government can fence off the whole Grand Canyon, so we're going to hike in. But again, my determination gets in the way — it never occurs to me that the thin mountain air, uphill climb and heavy backpack would be too much for Alexa. We head back to the bed and breakfast.
The next day I try calling everyone I know — from local rangers to an Undersecretary at the White House — to see if someone can get us into the canyon, but no luck. Garrett arrives that evening and after hearing of our plight, takes us to a lookout over a gorge, a holy place known to his people.
Garrett, somehow guessing that I'm Immortal, asks me what the place was like before when his people roamed the Painted Desert. We climb over the railings to stand at the edge of the gorge and feel the ancient winds for a moment. "That's what it felt like," I tell Garrett.
Garrett leaves Alexa and I to spend the night overlooking the gorge. Alexa still worries about whether our souls are truly married. I declare my love for her, and she for me, and with the quartz figurine, we exchange marriage vows, then make the canyon ours.
("Postcards from Alexa: Natural Wonders"/ Evening at Joe's)


between Nov 1996 and Feb 1996

Venice, Italy - Alexa haggles with a 200-pound gondolier and has him cowed.
("Postcards from Alexa: Night in Geneva"/Evening at Joe's)

The sunrise in Santorini, Greece

Feb 1996

Cairo, Egypt - My world tour with Alexa is interupted when I run into another Immortal. At midnight I go off to fight. The next morning we leave Egypt for Jerusalem. We spend a week there then go to Athens. ("Postcards from Alexa: Postcards from Athens"/Evening at Joe's)

10 Feb 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - Duncan kills Annie Devlin. I drop by my home in Paris and find a message from Duncan on my answering machine asking about Immortals who have a grudge against Joe. I return the call and tell Richie about a pattern of unexplained decapitations I had been sorting out over the past few months.
(Scotland the Brave, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


25 Feb 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - Duncan kills Coltec and receives a Dark Quickening.
(Something Wicked, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


1 March 1996

Athens, Greece - Joe calls to tell me about Duncan's Dark Quickening. I leave Alexa, telling her that I have to go to France for a few days on "business."
While I'm gone, Alexa visits a collection of statuary at the Museum at Olympia, lifesize portrayals of Greek citizens in the second millennium BC, and finds one that looks just like me — an ancient ancestor, she thinks.
("Postcards from Alexa: Postcards from Athens"/Evening at Joe's)


March 1996

Le Havre, France - I find Duncan and save him from an angry husband with a shotgun whose wife he slept with. I tell you, what would he do without me?

Mac and I

5 March 1996

Limay, France - Duncan kills Sean Burns while under the influence of the Dark Quickening.
(Deliverance, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

9 March 1996

Athens, Greece - I return to Alexa and find the photos she took at the Museum at Olympia. When Alexa sees me with the photo of my statue, she realizes that the resemblance is too close for it to be an ancestor. I tell her of my immortality. ("Postcards from Alexa: Postcards from Athens"/Evening at Joe's)

March 1996

Paris, France - I leave Alexa in a hospital in Geneva and return to Paris to try and find the Methuselah Stone, the only thing that can save her life. I fail and the Methuselah Stone is lost forever.
(Methuselah's Gift, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Amanda and I

23 March 1996

Paris, France - The body of Nathan Stern, head of the Western Europe Watchers, is found on a bridge near Nézy-sur-Seine, along with his driver and three thugs hired by Daniel Geiger.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

25 March 1996

Paris, France - Dan Geiger's body washes ashore around 20 miles from the bridge where Stern and the others are found. He was shot twice, but died from drowning and had a piece of crystal in his hand when found.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


25 March 1996

Geneva, Switzerland - I return to Sacré Coeur Hospital to find Alexa near death. I annoint her with myrrh, climb into the bed and embrace her in our last hours together. She dies that night. I consider taking Alexa back to Santorini because she loved it there, but I don't want her to be so far away from me, so I return to Paris and bury her in Montparnasse cemetery.
("Postcards from Alexa: Night in Geneva"/ Evening at Joe's, Through a Glass Darkly, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


3 April 1996

Jillian O'Hara, a personal secretary in the Western Europe Watchers, announces her engagement to Monaco Area Supervisor Dennis Gaetan. They are supposed to be married on 17 January 1997 (her birthday). Instead, Jillian is soon killed by Immortal Jacob Galati.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Marcus Constantine in the old days

12 April 1996

Paris, France - My regular poker game with Marcus Constantine and some of his employees from the Musée National des Antiquités is cancelled permanently when Constantine is beheaded by Avram Mordecai.
(Zealot, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

May 1996

Paris, France - After almost 2000 years, I get involved in a married couple's dispute at Duncan's behest and almost die for my efforts.
(Till Death)

Robert de Vallicourt and I

7 May 1996

Paris, France - David Shapiro, son of Watcher Director Jack Shapiro, is placed on field work early due to a manpower shortage.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

May 1996

Paris, France - The Watchers and Immortals go to war when Jacob Galati kills David Shapiro.
(Judgment Day, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

5 June 1996

Paris, France - Jack Shapiro kills Jacob Galati in retaliation for Galati killing his son. I decide that it's the perfect time for a vacation in Tibet.
(One Minute to Midnight, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Joe and I

June 1996

Joe writes the final entry for Galati in the Chronicles since Galati didn't have his own Watcher.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

June 1996

The Watchers consider me Absent Without Leave (AWOL).
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


1 July 1996

The new, democratically elected, Watcher Tribunal meets for the first time to decide the fate of Jack Shapiro. They decide that the death of his son is more than enough punishment and allow him to retire.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


17 July 1996

Paris, France - The Watchers recommend that Dr. Amy Zoll, Marcus Constantine's former Watcher, be put in charge of the Special Research Assignment: Methos. She's allowed to continue researching Constantine since both projects are considered cold files.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

4 Aug 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - I find MacLeod, Richie and Joe glued to the TV in Joe's bar, carrying on about brotherhood, teamwork, and the Olympic spirit. I tell them what the Olympics were really like.
("Pants"/Evening at Joe's)

20 Sept 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - Richie kills William Culbraith soon after Culbraith kills the Immortal posing as me.
(Messenger, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

25 Sept 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - Duncan kills former comrade-in-arms Ingrid Henning.
(Valkyrie, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


31 Oct 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - I try out for the Wheel of Time game show but I don't make it to the finals because I guess that it was Tom Jones and not Chubby Checker who popularized the twist.
(Comes a Horseman, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

1 Nov 1996

Seacouver, Washington, US - Joe's confronted (via e-mail) about knowing that Adam is Methos. Joe assures them that I've changed since the Bronze Age. He protests that I would have disappeared if he had turned me in and says that now I won't mind being followed. (Yeah right, Joe.)
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

7 Nov 1996

Bordeaux, France - A special operations agent, assigned by Melanie Hind, follows Duncan to our secret meeting in the Elysium church and overhears me describing Cassandra's escape from the Horsemen. I should have known that that "come alone" stuff never works.
(Revelation 6:8, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Taking Silas' head

8 Nov 1996

Bordeaux, France - Duncan kills Caspian.
(Revelation 6:8, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

10 Nov 1996

Bordeaux, France - Duncan kills Kronos and I kill Silas. Cassandra almost kills me but nobody kills Cassandra. I return to Paris by train, taking the flute Silas carved in the asylum with me, a final token of our friendship.
(Revelation 6:8, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM, "Train From Bordeaux"/Evening at Joe's)

November 1996

Paris, France - Dr. Amy Zoll is assigned to sort out my "sick practical joke." Addendums are added to many of the entries I made in the Chronicles pointing out where the Watchers think I tampered with the truth. I now have a field Watcher assigned to me, Timothy Wyatt who, along with Dr. Zoll, is trying to track me down.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


12 Nov 1996

Dr. Zoll postulates that Silas was my student and jokingly asks Joe to ask me.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


20 Nov 1996

Dr. Julia Harami speculates that Caspian may have been suffering from mad cow disease caused by eating human brains, which would account for his insanity. (Don't look at me. Why should I tell them anything?)
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


28 Nov 1996

Dr. Zoll makes a progress report on the attempt to identify the Horsemen's other aliases by going through the Watchers' incomplete Chronicles (the ones with no first death or final death information).
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


20 Dec 1996

Dr. Zoll writes the Watcher Tribunal pointing out that it is meaningless to court martial Adam Pierson since he does not exist. And since he already quit the Watchers, they can't throw him out. And taking Methos' head would violate the new kinder, gentler approach the Watchers are trying to take.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


Dec 1996

I'm dishonorably discharged from the Watchers in absentia.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


3 Jan 1997

Dr. Zoll and Dr. Harami make a report on their research to date on references to the Horsemen in myths and legends.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

20 April 1997

Paris, France - Duncan kills Byron. Joe e-mails Dr. Zoll informing her that Benjamin Adams was one of my aliases. (Hey, thanks a lot, Joe... buddy.)
(Modern Prometheus, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

16 May 1997

Paris, France - Jason Landry suffers a stroke while trying to warn Duncan about an ancient demon he must defeat.
(Archangel, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Richie and I

18 May 1997

Paris, France - Allison Landry dies in a fire of suspicious origin.
(Archangel, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

19 May 1997

Paris, France - Duncan is tricked into taking Richie's head by something which claims to be an ancient demon.
(Archangel, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

18 July 1997

The Watcher Tribunal asks Joe to accept a part-time professorship at the Watcher Academy and he agrees. Joe reports that Duncan sold the dojo in Seacouver and disappeared. Joe starts an Investigative Search Team to try and find him.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


July 1997

The Watchers sell Joe's Seacouver bar and use the money to buy Le Blues Bar in Paris. Joe is transferred to Paris.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


19 May 1998

Paris, France - Sophie Baines drowns in the Seine.
(Avatar, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


28 Oct 1998

Paris, France - Joe's daughter Amy Brennan-Thomas witnesses Morgan Walker's men murder a woman on his command.
(Indiscretions, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

Morgan Walker learns the hard way that I really can fight

30 Oct 1998

Paris, France - Morgan Walker can't take no for an answer, so I take his head.
(Indiscretions, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

7 Nov 1998

Paris, France - Duncan kills Liam O'Rourke.
(Not to Be, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

15 Nov 1998

Joe's daughter, Amy Brennan-Thomas, is reassigned to Research as an apprentice to Dr. Zoll on the Methos project on the grounds that she doesn't have the heart for field work. (Keeping it in the family, huh Joe?)
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)

16 April 1999

New York City, US - A Hyksos sword arrives at the Branson Collection for a show on "The Hyksos: Conquerors of Egypt."
(Captive Soul)


22 April 1999

New York City, US - The first of a series of ritual slayings begin. Immortal (and insane) Hyksos Prince Khyan thinks the sacrifices will help him to locate the Hyksos sword, which he believes holds the spirit of his long-dead half-brother, King Apophis.
(Captive Soul)


29 April 1999

New York City, US - More ritual slayings.
(Captive Soul)


5, 10, 14 and 16 May 1999

New York City, US - More ritual slayings.
(Captive Soul)


17 May 1999

New York City, US - After messing up the first time over 3000 years ago, I finally take Khyan's head.
(Captive Soul)



Tokyo, Japan - On a TV in a bar, I see a special news report that Dr. Mina Abadi from the Egyptian Museum has found a sarcophagus buried under the waters of the Aswan High Dam. I recognize the scarab of swords decorating the sarcophagus and realize that it's the Immortal Pharaoh Djer whom I buried 5000 years ago.
(The Methos Chronicles, Flash animated series)

::: gasp :::
I was gasping because the soup was hot. I swear.


Cairo, Egypt - In one of my less rational moments, I break open a case in the Egyptian Museum to get at an ancient tablet. I end up getting thrown in jail. At my request, Dr. Abadi comes to the jail and I convince her to let me out and take me to see the Pharaoh Djer's sarcophagus.
We go to the museum's warehouse and open the sarcophagus. Sure enough, Djer is there, and he's not pleased. I draw one of the scarab's swords to finish him off, but Dr. Abadi — not knowing why someone's alive in the sarcophagus but apparently wanting him to live long enough to explain himself — hits me on the head with a vase. By the time I get up again, Djer has drawn the other sword from the scarab.
We exchange lunges and parries. I manage to disarm Djer but again — again! — Dr. Abadi interferes, calling for a guard who shoots me in the arm. Djer escapes while I'm down.
(The Methos Chronicles, Flash animated series)

Some people have bad hair days. I have bad face days...

Dec 2002

Paris, France - MacLeod turns up on the doorstep to my new house to grill me for info on the Watcher Sanctuary, a place where Immortals are drugged, unconscious and hidden from the rest of the world so the Watchers can ensure that the Game never ends. Joe, buddy, you guys have really got to change that line about "observe and record, but never interfere."
MacLeod's search for the Sanctuary is too successful — he ends up in it. Joe and I have to rescue him.

A rare moment — MacLeod actually admits he needs my advice

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