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Cardiff, Wales (Cymru)

Welcome to Cardiff

Welcome to Cardiff! Hometown of my favorite dreamy Welshman.

Cardiff cityscape

The Cardiff skyline as viewed over the castle walls. Castell Caerdydd is located in the middle of downtown — just walk across the street and you're at the castle gates!

Welsh flag

The flag of Wales — with that ubiquitous red dragon — flies high on a castle tower.

Street sign

Yes, all the street signs are in Welsh too!

Brains beer

Peter once remarked that Brains Dark was his favorite brand of beer. I had no idea what that was until now. Seems it's the local brew — everywhere you turn in Cardiff you can see billboards for Brains with the slogan "It's Brains you want!"

(Yes, I am such a sad fan that I swiped these coasters from a pub, but hey, I was travelling on a tight budget and they were cheap souvenirs — and I did resist the temptation to find a phone book and look up the name Wingfield!)

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