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Around the convention

Dear Peter,
Having a great time. Wish you were here.

So read the postcard my friends and I signed and mailed to Peter during the con, postmarked from Manchester. What was the picture on the postcard? A view of the lobby of the Sachas Hotel where Chronicles '98 was held. (The Sachas was kind enough to provide every room with such picturesque postcards.) Hope it gave him a giggle anyway...

Con badge

My convention badge — the colors around the outside circle are from the scanner beam bouncing off the lamination. I liked it and decided to leave it that way! The blue dot marks me as a member of the ROG (Real Old Guy) mailing list. The yellow dot signifies the PWFC (Peter Wingfield Fan Club).

Four Horsewomen...

It's the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse!

Gillian Horvath

Former Highlander staff writer Gillian Horvath.

Along with her partner in crime, Highlander writer Donna Lettow, Gillian gave fans attending the extended Saturday script-to-screen panel the "Peter Wingfield consolation prize" — a showing of the outtakes of the "Revelation 6:8" quickening which consisted of Peter against a blue-screen backdrop faking an orgasm for 10 minutes. Needless to say, words cannot possibly describe that particular, er, viewing experience.... But since I've received e-mails from prurient minds wanting more info ;-) I'll attempt to go into more detail on the Revelation quickening (along with some trivia about filming quickenings in general).

We also saw outtakes of the "Comes a Horseman" car scene (aka the Jimmy scene), which were fascinating to watch because Peter and Adrian played the scene differently with every take, even changing the wording and order of lines spoken in the scene — a film editor's nightmare! Here are more details on the Jimmy scene.

Gillian or Donna (I forget which) also told a Peter anecdote (with a very minor spoiler) about the filming of the final Highlander episode, "Not To Be."

Marcus Testory & me

Marcus Testory (Caspian) and Ye Webmaster (that's me)

Stella Artois coasters

During the charity auction these Stella Artois coasters were tossed to the audience at several intervals.

I hadn't planned to take part in the auction — I was just saving a seat for the following guest talks — but when I saw one of the glasses used in the Stella Artois ad (perhaps the one Peter drank from) going for only the minimum bid of £5, I had to step in — I bid 6 and got it.

Despite the possibility of certain DNA attached to the rim of the glass, I'm proud to say I was not above drinking from it. However, I washed the glass first!

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