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Peter Wingfield Fan Club

PWFC at Granada Studios

On Friday morning before the con started, we visited Granada Studios (producers of Medics, Peter's first TV series), a Universal Studios-like theme park.

Standing (L-R): Jennifer Allen, ?, Snoopy, Janet Reedman, Adrienne (behind Janet), Vicky Saunderson, Creatch, ? (behind Creatch), Donna Lettow, Mary Garrett, Dianne Smith (the platinum blonde!), ?, Jukie, me, Kay Brenner, ?, ?, ?

Kneeling (L-R): Vicki Heady, Vicki Rorke, Frances Doyle

? means I don't know ya — but if you see yourself in the photo, e-mail me at and I'll fill in your name.

Vicki and I

(L-R) Me and my Chronicles roommate Vicki, aka Purveyor of the Stella Artois commercial video.

Vicki, Dianne and I

(L-R) Me, Vicki and Dianne. Dianne introduced me to our favorite ROG over New Year's Eve, 1996-97

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