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Cinemayem parodies Highlander fandom

A general article on the Highlander "franchise" (oooh, I hate that word) in Cinemayem has the following hilarious intro:

It is a Movie Called The Highlander.
Born in 1986 in the mind of Gregory Widen,
It is in its fourth sequel.
The Franchise is Immortal.

For thirteen years, there have been 3 movies, 6 TV seasons and a couple dozen conventions.

Constantly facing ridicule by Xena, Buffy and Trek fans,
The Winner shall capture the fans' hearts... and with them, their dollars.

I am a Watcher, one of an obsessed fanclub that travels to conventions, buys merchandise and watches re-runs on the Sci-Fi channels. We wonder the truth about the fourth sequel.

In the End,
There Can Be Only One
Duncan or Connor...
Which Will Be The Highlander?

Updated 3 April 2000

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