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More on Highlander, the online game


Just found this link on Adrenaline Vault (dated 28 August 2000) with more info about the game.


This press release was found on the website of French game developer Kalisto Entertainment (scroll down to the press release issued on 6/26/2000), which an SFX magazine blurb said was hired to develop an online multiplayer game based on Highlander:

Highlander online game: Kalisto Entertainment is developing a massively multi-player game awaited by millions of fans worldwide

Kalisto Entertainment signed an exclusive agreement to produce Highlander licence-based games with Davis-Panzer Productions.

Kalisto have acquired the exclusive worldwide rights for the production and development of video games based on the movie and TV series of Highlander.

For the first time, thousands of gamers will simultaneously experience the Highlander adventure on the Internet and plunge themselves into this mythical universe.

The online game developed by Kalisto’s Bordeaux-based teams will follow the path of the highly successful movies and television series viewed by millions worldwide.

The inherent themes and appeal of the Highlander franchise has a strong empathy for the general public and fits perfectly to online adaptations (more than 450 amateur web sites are registered on the Highlander Webring).

As for online sales, over a million fans have already bought licensed products in the United States alone.

Thanks to its technological proprietary tools and its experience in interactive entertainment creation, Kalisto Entertainment is perfectly positioned to deliver on the expectations of the public and allow millions of fans to become protagonists of the Highlander Myth.

Henri Magalon, Kalisto’s Online Director, declared: "We aim to offer the huge base of net-surfer community fans of the immortal warriors epic a highly interactive gaming experience, in which they will experience new exciting emotions in the Highlander legend."

Peter Davis of Davis-Panzer Productions, producers of the Highlander films and television series, stated: "We are delighted to be partnered with Kalisto, the foremost on-line game developer in the world today. We are confident that our partnership will result in making the Highlander Legend into the ultimate on-line gaming experience."

The acquisition of Highlander rights is a full part of Kalisto’s online strategy. Kalisto is clearly positioned as a high quality interactive content provider, for all the new online media and forecasts 50% of its turnover will be generated online by 2002.

Useless trivia: Kalisto is based in Bordeaux, France, the filming location of "Revelation 6:8."

Updated 22 June 2001

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