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The Methos Chronicles on iFilm

The Methos Chronicles are now being shown on iFilm. You have to register with iFilm to view them (an annoyance) but iFilm will give the series more exposure — another small step on the way to getting a television series (we hope!). Post feedback on iFilm and show your support!

To save the Flash files, once they've played through once, look in the folder on your hard drive where your browser caches webpages for a large 2-4 MB file with the extension .swf. (If you're using Internet Explorer on Windows, the folder is located at C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files or something similar.) Copy this file to another location on your hard drive. You must do this before leaving the web page that the episode is on. To play Flash without being online, just open the file in your browser. (Your browser must be set up to be the default application for Flash files. This is usually done when you install the Flash player plugin.)

Updated 14 July 2001

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