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More Reunion con guests added

Dates: August 24-26, 2001
Location: Los Angeles, California
Hotel: Westin Los Angeles Airport

The guests just keep on coming... It looks like this is shaping up to be the biggest Highlander convention since the end-of-series Celebration con in 1998.

If you want an idea what the reserved seating is like, a fan has posted a seating chart along with names of fans in the seats where known.

Guests confirmed to date (all guest appearances are subject to professional commitments):

From the Cast

  • Adrian Paul
  • Jim Byrnes
  • Peter Wingfield
  • Elizabeth Gracen
  • Stan Kirsh
  • Nadia Cameron (Rebecca)
  • Tracy Scoggins (Cassandra)
  • Ocean Hellman (Alexa)
  • Anthony de Longis (Consone in "Duende")
  • Bruce Young (Carl Robinson in "Run for Your Life")

From the Production Staff

  • Doug Aarniokoski, Director, Highlander Endgame
  • David Abramowitz, Creative Consultant
  • Ken Gord, Producer
  • Gillian Horvath, Associate Creative Consultant
  • Donna Lettow, Associate Creative Consultant
  • F. Braun McAsh, Swordmaster
  • Bill Panzer, Executive Producer

Special Guests

  • Maureen Russell, author of Highlander: The Complete Watchers Guide and The Best of Highlander
  • Ginjer Buchanan, author of the novel Highlander: White Silence

Reunion also offers supporting memberships for people who can't attend the con. Supporting members will get a convention t-shirt and the convention's souvenir program, and be entered in a special drawing for convention items, including autographed programs and other gifts. See the Registration area of www.reunioncon.org for more information.

Reunion is a fan-run Highlander-themed convention intended to benefit charities supporting children and families, both in the local area, the U.S. and worldwide, while at the same time celebrating the 15th anniversary of Highlander. Registration forms, hotel details, a web board for happy chatting, and much other miscellaneous information may be found at their web site: www.reunioncon.org

Updated 14 July 2001

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