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Highlander new series and film rumor roundup

Lots of rumors and speculation are floating about a new Highlander series, tentatively named Highlander: The Trinity, though I suspect that will probably change.

What's it about? Here's info from various sources. The new Immortal sounds suspiciously like Methos but in a younger Richie Ryan body as a blatant ploy to capture the youth market. I wish they could just give us the real Methos.

Highlander Fan Central (July 2001) recently interviewed producer Bill Panzer, who confirmed that they are working on a live-action series called The Trinity.

Highlander: The Series writer David Abramowitz was previously linked to this series, but Panzer confirmed that it's actually Canadian writer James Thorpe (who wrote the Highlander episodes "The Valkyrie," "The Modern Prometheus" and "Indiscretions" among others) who has helped them develop a series treatment. They're currently shopping the concept around to other possible producing partners. (H:TS was co-produced by companies in the US, Canada and France.)

David Abramowitz is actually working on an action sci-fi film that's unrelated to Highlander.

Bill Panzer also confirmed that they're working on a story for another Highlander film, called The Source (here's to praying that that's a tentative title) and written by Endgame scribe Joel Soisson.

Lets see... Endgame's strength is the chemistry between the actors. The directing is at times awesome (the fight sequences) and at times ham-handed (the jarring super-fast flybys of Scotland). The weakest part of Endgame by far is the inconsistent, continuity-straining script (Faith's dead... no she's not) and Panzer's brilliant idea is to hire the same writer for another go at it?!? Hello? Where's the logic in that?

Someone really needs to tell Joel Soisson "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"

Dreamwatch magazine #77(February 2001):

"The idea we're working on is to make it a little different; Duncan became active as the series went on, but basically events came to him, and as the good guy he would get involved with them. The new character may be more of an anti-hero."

Panzer's plans are for a male lead, physically younger than Duncan or Connor, "but possibly older in immortal terms." ... this new blueprint for an immortal steers closer to the supporting character of Richie Ryan, but with less of a "good guy" streak. "He'll be a little more reluctant to get involved," says Bill. "He'll be a little darker than Richie was."

SFX magazine #72 (Christmas 2000):

After the hard lessons the pair learnt with The Raven, Davis and Panzer are ready to try again with a third, as yet untitled Highlander series to launch late 2001 or early 2002. The new show will feature an entirely new immortal character. Somewhat similar in concept to Stan Kirsch's character Richie from Highlander: The Series, the latest lead will be a young man, new to The Game, on the road travelling from place to place each week.

Updated 15 July 2001

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