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Endgame reviews, articles & other links

Methos knows that change is the key to survival. It seems like the Highlander producers know this too. Not only has the movie title changed several times, but it looks like the release date has too. The film is now set to open on September 1 in North America, one week later than originally announced. An April 25, 2001, date has been annouced for France.

Highlander: Endgame features Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert with appearances from Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield! Peter has two scenes as Methos in the Highlander movie, none of which involve swordfighting unfortunately. Methos chats with Duncan at his London mansion and later rides in a car with Duncan and Joe.

Movie reviews

Rotten Tomatoes has a huge selection of reviews from newspapers and other websites, unfortunately almost all bad. Endgame rated 11% overall and is fourth from the bottom of their list of now-in-theaters movies. (Only Boys and Girls, Urban Legends: Final Cut and Bless this Child rated worse.)

The 11th Hour says Endgame is "almost as fun as poking your eyeballs out with a rusty spoon!"

SciFi Weekly thinks "there should have been only one."

Cinescape didn't like it either — that's if you can find it on their frames site. (Click on Movies and scroll down.)

Even JoBlo hated it with such a passion they reviewed it twice.

Highlander Fan Central had the only glowing review — but then they would.

General sites

highlanderendgame.com — The official site.

GNP Crescendo — Get your Endgame soundtrack. If you have Real Audio, you can also sample some sounds from various tracks.

HL4 Fan Promotion — Info on how fans can help promote the movie.

Highlander Fan Central — Has several interviews with the cast and crew of Endgame.

christopherlambert.com — His official website. The site navigation is strange but persevere and go to "Current" then "Snapshots" for pictures and QuickTime movie clips taken on the set of HL4.

Coming Attractions — View the history of newsbits, rumors and speculation surrounding the film dating back to 1997. You can also take a look at the movie poster and some publicity stills.

Video and screencaps

Movie-List - Download the first two movie trailers. Both are Quicktime files. The first trailer is 7 MB and the second comes in several versions ranging from 4 MB to 29 MB.

Apple's site - View the third movie trailer. Also has a sorta cool background graphic of Connor and Duncan — it's like the pic at highlanderendgame.com, except Duncan's there too.

Screencaps, sound files and wallpaper from the trailers - Connection too slow to download movie files? I've set up a web page with over 100 screen caps from the trailers and MP3s of the trailers' soundtracks.

Interviews, articles, etc.

SciFi.com transcript of Adrian Paul chat (Aug. 31, 2000)

SciFi.com transcript of Christopher Lambert chat (Aug. 19, 2000)

Updated 13 January 2001

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