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Highlanders 5, 6 & 7?

The Leek website interviewed Endgame director Doug Aarniokoski about the future of the Highlander franchise. Apparently Aarniokoski said:

In Highlander 5, tentatively titled Immortal Dreams, we discover that the previous three movies were all hallucinations being forced on the brain of Ramirez, the character from the first Highlander previously played by Sean Connery. The brain is revealed to have been kept alive in a life support machine by the Kurgan, who, of course, was not actually killed at the end of the original Highlander. Highlander 6 (This Immortal Coil) will reveal that the events of the previous Highlanders actually took place in a "virtual reality" chamber, where Connor McCleod is being held prisoner by a tyrranical world government hoping to exploit the powers of "The Prize." Highlander Seven (All For One) will show that all six of the previous movies occured in alternate worlds, and the Connor McCleods from each of those realities have to fight to the death when their realities converge, since "there can be only one."

(In case you didn't realize, Leek was being satirical. Visit their website for the entire article.)

Updated 4 February 2001

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