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Endgame DVD Easter eggs

Easter eggs are hidden features in DVDs and computer games that are not published by the DVD producers or gaming companies. They're left for fans to find.

Endgame is no exception. The Endgame Easter eggs are presented as "Watcher Files" on the DVD's menus — 6 clips that offer clues to the trivia game on the DVD. The Watcher Files are represented by a Watcher logo that appears when you press the remote control's arrow keys on various menus. The locations of known Easter eggs are:

  • Main Menu: Press the left arrow key to highlight the Watcher symbol and get access to the clip.
  • Sneak Peek menu
  • Captions menu
  • DVD-ROM menu
  • Bonus Materials - Audio Commentary
  • Bonus Materials - Deleted Scenes

Source: DVD Review

Updated 16 March 2001

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